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Legal Technology Group, Inc. (LTG) was founded in March of 2002. by Tom Howe and Larry G. Johnson, both formerly of Fios, Inc., an electronic discovery services vendor. They each have over 20 years of experience as trial lawyers and experts in all aspects of computers and digital data.

LTG was formed to meet the growing needs of trial lawyers and corporate counsel for expert witness services and independent advice on electronic discovery technologies, case law and rules. They also assist lawyers and corporate counsel in due diligence evaluations and selection of litigation support vendors. As lawyers with deep technology backgrounds, they are uniquely positioned to be at home in the two worlds of law and computer technologies that do not always communicate well with one another.

LTG follows industry best practices to help you identify, capture and preserve electronically stored evidence on networks, PC work stations, laptops, backup tapes, CDs, DVDs, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants, such as handheld computers), iPods, USB "thumb" drives, Internet storage sites, cell phones, voice mail, and many other sources. The company provides a broad range of consulting, expert witness, Special Master and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services.

Howe and Johnson are nationally recognized e-discovery experts who have spoken at dozens of CLEs on e-discovery issues, both legal and technical. In a recent article entitled "E-Discovery Attorneys: Hot or Not?" they were specifically mentioned as being among the most "capable e-discovery attorneys" that number only "around 200 worldwide." They are co-authors of the book, Electronic Discovery Technologies, Practical Tips and Tools for Electronically Stored Evidence, which has a launch date of May '07 and will consist of loose-leaf binders that will be regularly updated with new or revised information.
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